Free Download Self-Esteem Games for Children E-Book

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e-Guide Overview: In this useful handbook, self-esteem expert Deborah Plummer offers a wealth of familiar and simple-to-find out video games very carefully selected to construct and sustain self-esteem in youngsters aged five-11. The variety of games reflects the 7 key factors of healthful self-esteem – self-understanding, self and other folks, self-acceptance, self-reliance, self-expression, self-confidence and self-awareness – and consists of …


Free Download Castles: Images of Living History (The Coffee Table Book Series) 7z

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Guide Introduction: Do You Really like Castles?You are not alone. Since of well-liked fairy tales for kids and demonstrates like Downton Abbey for grownups, the globe is fascinated by the majestic castles of the previous. In Castles: Images of Residing History you will see spectacular images of stunning castles from around the globe. Act now. Scroll up and click the …


Free Download Modernism London Style: The Art Deco Heritage E-Book

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Ebook Short Summary: In the 1920s, London was a city on the cusp of modify. Just as dance halls and jazz-age decadence displaced wartime austerity, a new generation of artists and designers sought to enliven the city’s architecture, erecting dazzling buildings in the emerging artwork deco style. In contrast with the aging Victorian structures that dotted the city, these bright …


Free Download True Detective Mysteries May 1927 (True crime magazine Book 47) 7z

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Book Synopsis: An archive of the magazine from 1927 with all the artwork, advertisements, and stories integrated This is a graphic port of the magazine suited greatest for Kindle Fire tablets pinch and zoom feature. Downloaded: 927 occasions Rating : three.2/5 File Information: Language: English | Release code: 8437080498 | 2010 Hash: 8480997f949168528973057875624886fc


Free Download The Complete Guitar Player Books 1, 2 & 3: Omnibus Edition PDF

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e-Guide Recap: (Music Sales America). All 3 books of The Complete Guitar Player series are published in this single volume at a substantial cost savings more than the cost of the personal books. Downloaded: 888 instances Brand Title: Shipton, Russ Mfg#: 9780825619366 Shipping Excess weight: one.15 lbs Producer: Genre: All music products are correctly licensed and assured authentic. Rating : …


Free Download The Michigan Law Quadrangle: Architecture and Origins RAR

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Guide Synopsis: The Michigan Law Quadrangle: Architecture and Origins provides the reader an engaging armchair tour of one particular of the gems of American academic architecture. Newcomers to this handsome set of buildings and habitués of its noble halls alike will discover in writer Kathryn Horste a discerning and instructive guide. Her observations, with each other with the much more …


Free Download Mountain Man Dance Moves: The McSweeney’s Book of Lists E-Book

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e-Book Recap: If a mountain man felt compelled to dance, how would he do it? If koala bears could talk, what would they say? And what’s the correct pickup line, if you’re a necrophiliac? (Perhaps “I’m fairly certain I’m not going to get you pregnant.”)  In the throes of debates like these, we’re fortunate to have the realized folks of …


Free Download Time Travel Romance: Into the Highlander’s Realm (Scottish Science Fiction Medieval Highlander Romance) (Historical New Adult Fantasy Short Stories) eBook

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Guide Short Summary: **A Entertaining, Standalone Highlander Time Travel Romance Short Story (8000 words)** Moira’s existence is stuck in a rut and after a harsh break-up with a man at her office she finds herself desperate to get out of the city and take a break. Soon after losing her dad and mom a handful of years ahead of she …